So I already said that every Sunday I will be talking gratitude and on Wednesdays I’ll be participating in a little thing called Wordless Wednesday. It got me thinking, that if I really want to make sure I’m posting regularly, it might help to have a schedule. I tend to do a lot better at life, when I have some sort of daily plan. It helps me to make sure I get done what I need to get done. Huh, maybe I should actually start putting together to-do lists so that I can keep my home in some semblance of order. But I digress. My point was, I’m going to try to schedule my blog. So here is what I’m thinking.

Sunday Gratitude – In which I will talk about what is making a difference in my life, what makes me good
Make Something Monday – On this day I’ll probably talk a lot about knitting, though I’m hoping to get back into sewing and would love to learn crochet, so over time, I imagine I’ll branch out. Or maybe, I’ll talk about something my kids made. M loves the traditional arts like coloring, painting, sculpting, even the more modern stuff like video and photography, D loves to build, N – well he’s not much for art, though I did once teach him the basics of knitting, and he’s pretty creative when it comes to music if the mood strikes. Looks like today, I’m going to start with making plans.
Reading Rainbow – This is the day I’ll share what I’m reading, book reviews, or anything else that strikes my fancy as long as it all comes back to the written word.
Wordless Wednesday – I think this is fairly self-explanatory, but in case you need words (see what I did there?), the idea is just post a picture, no words, no explanations. Link up here if you want to join or see what everyone else is doing.
Friday’s Child – One day, all about my kids and what it means to be a parent. Maybe this will help in my endless quest to love more, and yell less.
Say It Saturday – I’ll make Saturday an easy one, just the quotes and words that inspire me, and hopefully inspire you.

So how about you? Do schedules help keep you on track or do you prefer to just see where the day takes you?