Let’s see if I can get back in the swing of things and start with a knitting update. After all, that’s when I’ve typically posted my knitting updates. And given that it is also the one night I get out of the house, sans kids, so I can sit around a table with a bunch of fellow knitters, admiring new knits and fondling yummy fibers, it seems like as good a day to start as any. Plus, really who wouldn’t rather read about my pretty knits than my emotional dinosaurs.

A couple months ago, I know I mentioned the Ravelympics Ravellenic Games, whereby you enter a knitting project in a competition that closely mirrors the Olympics. You cast on during the opening ceremony and must be completed by midnight of the closing ceremony. I joined a team with some friends, with the intention of completing a shawl, Different Lines by Veera Välimäki. I had been admiring this shawl for a while, and I had the perfect yarn, hand-dyed by another of our KNOW (Knit Night On Wednesday) members, Stephanie of Space Cadet Creations. So I cast on, hoping but not really expecting to finish it at the end of the two weeks. I was right. I didn’t finish it in time for the Ravellenic Games. On the other hand, I did absolutely fall in love with the finished item and I find myself wearing it on a regular basis.

Look at this shawl, how could you not love it?

Different Lines by Veera Valimaki

 This shawl has become a wardrobe staple for me since completing it back in early September. I have always loved Veera’s designs, but this shawl made me realize that when it comes to her designs, I want to KNIT ALL THE THINGZ! In fact I already have two more projects lined up using her patterns, a Shift of Focus for myself and Gathering Stripesfor Niko (he requested that sweater himself, doesn’t he have great taste? I am definitely looking forward to getting one of those sweaters on my needles because her patterns are so well written and despite how truly unique they look, they are very simply put together, a match made in knitter heaven.


Mustard Scarf by Jane Richmond

I have worked on a few more items since completing my shawl, but I can’t seem to get my mojo back. I had to frog a pair of fingerless mitts because I was just short of yarn and can’t get anymore. I have been trying to work on my Equator, but for some reason can’t seem to bring myself to work on it (that is my plan for tonight though, I will not allow myself to work on anything else). I did manage to finish a small project today though, Jane Richmond’s Mustard Scarf. I had some leftover Cascade 220 from another project that I just wanted to get out of my stash. Given how much I love green and my small amount of yardage, it was the perfect pattern. I look forward to wearing it with much relish this fall and winter. A nice way to bring the greens of summer to some cold, gray winter days, don’t you think?