There are still no photos as the keyboard has yet to be replaced. Hopefully by next week I will be able to use my computer again for posts. All patterns referenced here can be found on Ravelry.

Have I ever mentioned how knitworthy my boys are? They love my hand-knits. And now that I feel comfortable knitting sweaters, I get more requests than ever. It is just so fun to knit for them and have them not only appreciate the finished item but beg for more. Their favorite part of the process though tends to be helping with yarn selection. I typically pick the yarn itself and then they will go over color choices until they find just what they are looking for. My favorite place to order their yarns is . I like Knit Picks because they have such a wide range of products, in lots of great colors, and prices that don’t break the bank. Plus the kids love being able to see all the swatches together in one place. It really just adds to the fun.

A few months ago, Maks asked when it was going to be his turn for a sweater. I think I must have been knitting Niko’s Boys Can Wear Pink. We promptly sat down together, pulled up and I showed him some of the little boy patterns I had faved. He decided on Fratello. It is a pretty straightforward short-sleeved pullover with a beautiful cable detail down the middle. Then we pulled up the Knit Picks website and selected yarn, Swish DK in Big Sky, a bright sky blue, which is almost the exact color of his eyes. This kid has great taste I tell you.

His birthday is coming up in just a few weeks, and with the Summer Sweater KAL in full swing I decided it was time to cast on. As of yesterday I got past the seperation for the sleeves and am in the main body portion with a little less than seven inches to go. I am really enjoying this pattern. It is fairly simple, with the cable detail lending just enough interest to make it fun.

I am not the only person loving it though. Niko wants to know why he doesn’t have a cabled sweater yet. Apparently, I need to get to work on planning one for him. So how about some help? What cabled patterns do you like for a scrawny 9 year old? I don’t want anything that will overwhelm him, because like his mom, he is small. Right now I am leaning towards Lancelot, but I would love some other suggestions. He loves cardigans and hoodies too, so it is wide-open.