Blow out your candles and make a wish!

We’ve been doing an awful lot of growing up around here this week, and it’s only Wednesday morning.  On Monday, I had my wisdom teeth pulled, about ten years later than your average person and I finished my first adult sized sweater, today is the birthday of two of my favorite people in the world – my beautiful and amazing mother and my equally adorable and amazing son, Dominik.

Dominik turns three today and I’m feeling a little bittersweet about it. He has grown up to be an incredibly bright, active, and oh so challenging little boy.  We struggled so much when he was born due to growth issues that we finally discovered to be the result of a gluten intolerance.  To this day, he can’t eat anything with gluten without getting terribly sick. To say it’s difficult to keep such a young child who loves food as much as he does from eating a substance so prevalent in everything you eat (seriously did you know that they even put gluten, which comes from wheat, barley and rye in chapstick?) is an understatement, but we try, and most of the time we succeed.  For 2.5 years while he was still nursing I avoided any and all food with gluten in it myself to ensure that he could grow up healthy and strong.

But those aren’t the only challenges. He is so amazingly strong-willed, stubborn and adventurous. He has the character and determination of any ten kids and it is hard to remember some days to stop saying no (hence our favorite nickname for him, Domino) and just let him do what he’s going to do. Yes it results in a lot of messes, headaches, and frustration, but squashing his joy would be so much worse than repainting the walls because he drew on them with sharpie, or replacing the plexiglass shelf in our fridge because he broke it, or throwing his brother in the shower because Domi poured chocolate milk on Maks, or any of the 101 other daily acts of joy and terror that he brings into our life. Oh yes he is and handful, afer all Maks has a black eye from the book to the face he took from his brother last week, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love his so much it hurts my heart, and while there are sad tears that my baby is no longer a baby, there are also tears of pride as I think about the incredible little boy and man who I see him growing into. I love this little boy more than I thought possible and I thank the gods every day for giving him to me.

Lest you think I’ve forgotten to show you the beautiful sweater I completed as part of the luvinthemommyhood KAL, I haven’t. I absolutely love this top, and while there are places that it could be improved, I think it looks pretty gosh darn good for my first full-sized, adult garment.

Like I said before, sweaters have always scared me. I’m not sure why the fear, considering my first completed knit item was a pair of pants, but there you have it. I have to say that after completing this gorgeous shirt, I am no longer a scaredy-cat. I absolutely loved knitting this tee, and I can guarantee that there will be many more in my future. I intend to keep challenging myself as a knitter, to conquer my fears, and remind myself, that I can do it, if I’m just confident to jump right in, feet first, just like Dominik.