So, I somehow thought I had actually already started this blog. As it turns out, I created it, but never posted anything. And now I have this silly little blog sitting here all lonely. I’ll have to change that.

We’ll start with knitting. I like to knit. A lot. Hopefully you like to knit too. If you don’t, shame on you. It’s so relaxing and makes beautiful and useful items.  But if it’s not your thing, then I hope you like to at least look at pictures of me knitting. Or rather, the items I’m knitting. It would be difficult to take pictures while I’m knitting. I’m human. That means two hands. Though having three hands would certainly help me wrangle all the boys. Perhaps I should consider an appendage addition. Do you think my insurance plan would cover that?

Alright then, moving on. As I was saying, I like to knit. For a long time (almost three years now) I’ve stuck to baby knits and accessories. And most of those baby knits have been longies. Translation: wool pants that have been lanolized to make them waterproof for use over cloth diapers. The lanolin prevents leaking. They are breathable, useful, and super cute. I mean ridiculously cute. Check out some pictures of my youngest on Facebook if you don’t believe me. I miss the longies, but I keep hoping he will learn to use the toilet, so I stopped knitting them. Which left me with a knitting void. I mean what else could I knit, now that my reason to learn how to knit is gone? My oldest asked for a sweater. Specifically, Niko asked for this sweater, Boys Can Wear Pink.  Now his isn’t pink, it’s green, but that’s okay because he didn’t want pink.

Boys Can Wear Pink, pattern by Tot Topper

After having to rip it all apart because I understand how to make something fit so much better now, it looks great on him.  I just need to stitch the tie down so he can wear it. Between that and the baby sweater I made for a friend’s shower I felt confident enough to tackle my first adult sized garment.

Small Things Cardigan, pattern by Carina Spencer

Enter the lovely Shannon of Luv In the Mommyhood. Not only does she have a great blog that I try to read everyday, but she also moderates a fantastic group over on Ravelry. Her and her cohorts, Rebecca and Sandra, host regular knit-a-longs. The basic idea of a knit-a-long if you’ve never participated in one before, is to get a group of knitters together who either all knit the same pattern, or as is the case here, knit the same types of garments or accessories.

So as I was saying, I felt ready to knit a full-scale, adult sized garment. For me. Most of my knitting goes to someone else and I’m feeling selfish. So I’m knitting for me. Conveniently the lovely ladies mentioned above decided to host a Tops, Tanks, and Tees KAL. It was a match made in heaven.

But what about yarn, and a pattern? That was no problem at all. A couple of weeks previous I had spotted some beautiful yarn at Michael’s. Now, when I want yarn, Michael’s is not the place I head. It’s okay if you want crafting yarn, but I’m a yarn snob. I like nice yarn, so when I want yarn I head to Bloomin Yarns, where I can get everything from a wide selection of good workhorse wool like Cascade and Berocco to luxury brands like Madeleintosh or Noro. Back to my point, they had some beautiful bamboo and angora blended Paton’s on clearance, just a little over $3.00 a skein.  That’s a deal that can’t be beat. Maks instantly pointed at a soft blue-gray and declared that he liked that one.  So I bought all remaining seven skeins.

I brought it home, pulled up Ravelry and immediately decided on the Spring Garden Tee.

Spring Garden Tee by Alana Dakos via

Isn’t it pretty? It really is the perfect spring top, and as most of it is done in stockinette stitch it is really the perfect tee for my first full-sized garment. The KAL officially began last week, and after a couple of issues I’m really moving along. I’ve already completed the decrease rounds and am into the body before increasing again for the hips. I absolutely love it and because this is knit top down, I’ve been able to try it on as I go and the fit couldn’t be better.

April Showers WIP, taken in the middle of the decreases

I guess the moral of this story is don’t let yourself be intimidated.  Sweaters scared me.  I don’t know why since my first knitted item was a pair of pants, and that requires easily as many, if not more skills than you would need to knit a sweater, but they did.  It turns out they are easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy.  And I already have many more planned for the not too distant future.