So, even with a schedule I kinda stink at this regular posting thing, but I’m trying. I figure I have to start somewhere and maybe, eventually I’ll actually get better at it.

A few months ago I bought some locally dyed yarn from my local yarn store. One of the owners over at Kid You Knot dyes her own yarn, and when I saw the colorway she came up with for one of my favorite hockey teams, the Pittsburgh Penguins, I couldn’t resist snagging a skein. It’s really hard to get that gold just right, because it’s not a yellow gold, it’s really a Vegas gold, and it’s a hard for dyers to match. I think that she did a pretty nice job. Don’t you?


My initial plan was to turn this into a pair of socks. There is nothing I enjoy more than a good pair of hand-knit socks, though I don’t have very many…yet. I started them out with a pattern that is supposed to work well with hand-dyed yarns like this one, but it just looked muddy. You couldn’t see the patterning at all and the colors weren’t behaving well. I decided to scrap the socks, because I had a feeling if I kept trying sock patterns that I was going to be continually disappointed. Instead, I decided on a simple garter stitch scarf, Lintilla. Now I have previously knit this scarf, got almost completely to the end, decided it wasn’t my style and frogged the whole thing. But I had this yarn, and I had this pattern, and I knew that they would play well together, so I just went with it. I was right. This yarn and that pattern are a match made in knitting heaven. I only had one small section of pooling, and several gorgeous sections where it almost looks like hounds tooth.


Now, that’s not to say this project is perfect. It’s not. I find that the scarf is a bit on the short side, despite using almost the entirety of the 100 gram skein. The ruffles didn’t ruffle quite as nicely as I would have liked either. And I was right the first time, this scarf is not quite my style. I find this quite amusing, because another scarf by the same designer, with only minor differences from Lintilla (loops instead of ruffles) is one of my favorites. But given the fact that not only are these the colors used by the Penguins, but also the colors used for the hockey teams for which both my older boys play, I’m certain it’s going to get a lot of use. That is once, the weather cools down enough to once again wear scarves.





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